About Us

Sekses was created back in 2017 under the name Alex Bouvin Kurtti Design founded by Alex Bouvin Kurtti an ambitious entrepreneur from Karlskoga, Sweden. The goal was to create high-quality clothes from top to tue with a soft quality to a low price as possible. 2018 did the company change name to Design by Kurtti Alex and released their first clothing line called "The beast" & "The beast life" which basically was products most hoodies but also t-shirts & leggings with an eagle on and the "the beast life" had a text on the products with L I (Eagle logo) F E. The product didn't sell so good as pictured. 

Late 2018 when Alex needs a music video to his then-upcoming song SPARE he put up an ad on Upwork a freelancer forum where you can hire people for services. After some days Andrew Ghaly finds the interest and applies for the animation of the music video. Times go and Alex & Andrew start following each other on Instagram & build a friendship. Fast forward Alex wants to succeed with Design by Kurtti Alex and asks Andrew for help designing the clothes for a percentage in the company. Alex gives away 20% and Andrew starts working on the designs. Before release Alex register the company with a new name, the definition of "Success" Sekses or  /səkˈsɛs/. 

Why us?

We are a company selling soft premium quality merchandise from top to tue. We only use companies that manufacture clothing under fair trade conditions & of course our personal working under fair trade as well. We keep prices down by ordering on demand directly from supplier


Have a happy day!