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Camera photos taken with an Camera EOS M50 with standard lens.
All photos are taken with exclusive and are non copyright protected.
How to buy? Click here to be come to instagram. Almost all photos shown is for sale. Simply click on the photo you want to buy, check if it's available and then enter the number of the photo on this link to buy the photo and the rights for it. If you want to negotiate following price send a mail to with ATTN: Camera photos. Phots with a "bid price" needs to be transferred through PayPal. For fast secure payments. To pay simply click the "pay now" button and It will redirect you to an secure website where you can make you purchase by card or with an PayPal. On the payment page you are required to enter the number of your photo you want to buy along with name and more personal details
All our product comes Digital!

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We don't stand back any legal action taken after you bought the photo, in case of someone would complain or file an lawsuit of photos showing their property or belonging such as product, animals and more. There shouldn't be a problem. Please note that all shown pictures showing faces may not be for sale.
Request can of course be made.